Arlington Classic Car Enthusiasts

The Arlington Classic Car Club is a family oriented club. The club was created with the idea of local car owners and enthusiasts being able to get together to attend car shows, cruises and other related functions as a group. Car ownership is not a requirement for the club. The club feels that anyone of good moral character who has a interest in the preservation of automobiles is eligible to join.

The club will when possible host a car show and cruise nights. The members also feel that in order to make our functions successful, it is important to make our visitors, participants and friends feel comfortable and welcome.
The members also intend when possible to assist local civic groups and youth organizations with their projects.
In general the club will be a fun-type club!

ACC is a car club for road racing enthusiasts. It is professionally operated with events at Cascade, Hunter Switch, Bloomington, Lancaster Park, Highland Village, Marlin Hills, Forest Park Heights, Broadview, Leonard Springs, Ridgemede. In a typical weekend event, there"s six practice sessions plus your officially timed “qualifying-style" laps or 10-15 lap sprint race.

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